Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stove Installations

Wood burning stoves are an efficient and cost effective means of heating the home and can be installed in all types of properties regardless of whether there is an existing chimney or not. D.R. Bond can help you decide on the best wood burning solution for your property.

No existing chimney

If your property does not have a suitable chimney or fireplace we can design and install a rigid flue system. By using a double skin stainless steel insulated flue system, a stove can be installed practically anywhere.

Existing chimney

Typically, only about 5%-15% of the total heat produced by an open fire benefits the house, the other 85%-95% goes straight up the chimney. With a wood burning stove, between 60%-75% or more of the heat released by the burning wood will be radiated and convected into the room as useful heat. D.R.Bond can install your wood burner in an existing fireplace utilising your existing chimney.

D.R. Bond can install hearths from a variety of materials dependent on your wishes, these include marble, granite, stone and slate.
We can also supply and fit mantels to your required specifications.

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